Why I Love The Home

If you know me on any level, you’ve probably been made aware of my love for homes. My Live Rustic business has served as an effective decorating outlet for me during recent summers, and I am continuously blown away by how gracious God has been to me throughout that journey. I am particularly humbled by how God has used Live Rustic to awaken me to my passions and teach me why it’s okay to be healthily obsessed with making houses feel more like homes.

I’ve learned that a home is much more than a place where we sleep and eat – it’s where we feel safe, secure, and most ourselves. On this massive and expansive earth, our homes are a designated space where we can dwell freely and find rest. It’s one of the few places where pajamas are acceptable at any time of the day (for the most part), and when life seems crazy and overwhelming, homes offer a door to gently shut and peace to thankfully reside in.

Our homes are a place of memories. We remember the family dinners around the dining room table, we remember the first time the babies stood up by themselves while hanging onto the ottoman, or the first time they successfully made it down the stairs by themselves.

We also remember the fights. The stressful days when we couldn’t get on the same page as those we share this home with. The times that we wished our homes were different or that we didn’t have to share them. We remember the sick days, when the spirits were low and the energy was drained.

And we remember all the in-betweens. We know how this home smells in the summer, fall, winter, and spring. We know its best features and the doors we choose to keep shut. Our homes, in many ways, teach us not only about ourselves but how to take care of the things God has graciously entrusted us with. They teach us that no matter the circumstance, home is often where we know we are most loved.

Sometimes homes teach us about our future. We see the things that work and the things that don’t. We reflect on our childish ordeals and our adult disagreements and realize that the ups and downs can actually make a home more beautiful. And if you’re lucky – you see that at the end of the day love is what binds the walls together.

Most of all, I want to share that a home is a place where love and grace can shine so brightly. Where people can gather in raw and authentic conversation, uplifting each other and sharing joy. Home can be a huge part of your testimony, because although not every guest is going to agree with you or share your beliefs, your home can be where they always feel welcome.

So here’s to homes. To the dedication it takes to make one, and the God-given grace it takes to sustain one.

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