have a dream? you’re not crazy

As a child, I dreamt a lot. I liked to think about what my future would  look like and all that I would achieve. From the kind of staircase my one-day home would have, to having a successful career where I rocked the pencil skirts and stilettos. I had dreamed about every aspect of adulthood – husband, kids, home decor… you name it.

But as you get older, you start to realize that the decisions you make now are going to influence the reality of your dreams later – and that’s scary. For me, in those “fuzzy years” (aka high school up until a few months ago), I started to think that dreams were stupid. I hated dreams because I believed that I could never achieve them. I looked at the things that I was passionate about, the things that made me genuinely happy, and I told myself that I wouldn’t ever get to practice them or incorporate them into my career. I looked at the expectations I had for my relationships and I told myself that I was crazy to think those kinds of connections and people would ever become a part of my life.

I began to accept that my dreams were just dreams. That they were nice thoughts that made me happy, but that actively pursuing them would just be a waste of time. The worst and most dangerous part about all of this wasn’t that I easily and prematurely gave up on what mattered most to me, but that I began to doubt the power and goodness of God.

Like any lesson we desperately need to learn, God began to make it blatantly clear to me that I needed to turn my microscopic amount of faith into mind-blowing confidence. So obviously God put me right in the arms of a conference themed around Ephesians 3:20, which says, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us”. At this conference I also was hit with the quote, “if your dreams don’t intimidate you, they’re likely offensive to God”.

Needless to say, I started to get it. I began to see that although the view I have of my life is so narrow, so blurred, and so uncertain – God has every second of my life already planned. He knows the desires of my heart, he knows my dreams, and he tells me to go for them. And God may change those dreams, but there is so much beauty in being in-touch with what he desires for me right now. When you doubt God less and trust him more – every minute of life becomes filled with more contentment and peace.

My hope for you as a reader is that you see that you’re not crazy. We dream fearlessly as children and we should dream fearlessly as adults. If our goals in life are complacent and formed from a place of discouragement, laziness, or little faith – we are actually offending God. Be encouraged that when we are genuinely set on God’s will, and when we are actively seeking God’s heart through prayer – he is so faithful to align our passions and our desires with his plan for our lives.

So dream. Dig deep into your faith and pray with all your might. Confidently, boldly, and humbly go before God and share those desires. Get excited about them, share them, ask others to pray about them, and don’t settle. Hold firm in your standards, your goals, your ideas – but be ready to have them shaped and moulded according to the divine brilliance of God. Do not let worldly realities shape your God-given passions. Work on being resilient – put your all into deflecting the twist that challenging relationships, hard friendships, mistakes, regrets, botched job interviews, rejections, and losses put on the hopes and dreams you have.

Set your eyes on the greatness of God, on the size of God, on the hope of God. Remember that God is so far beyond the limitations that we see, and he genuinely desires for us to tap into the potential he created us with. He wants to give us the power and strength it takes to use our gifts to bring him glory in all that we do. So hold on, hang tight, pray hard, worship joyfully, dream big, and don’t stop going after what God has laid on your heart.

And remember, you’re not crazy.


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