Today Changed Everything

It changed everything for me. And it changed everything for you, too.

It changed everything because it was the day that death no longer had its grip on me, because it never had a grip on God. It was the day that brought hope to the world, when it was the last thing we deserved. It was the day that Jesus conquered death.

I’ve been to many Easter Sunday services, but none that impacted me quite like that. I worked to hold back tears multiple times, merely because I felt so overwhelmed with the realities I was reminded of. I was reminded of how completely unworthy I am; my sin, my faults, my inabilities. But I cried not because of the presence of my weaknesses, but because of the presence of the risen Saviour. The reality that God became man, lived a perfect life, and was brutally, heart-breakingly, horrifically crucified on that cross so that I may be freed from the bondage of my sin. Jesus took the wrath of God that should have been poured out on me and he suffered when he did nothing wrong. I can’t begin to comprehend a love like that.

I try to wrap my head around this. I try to just grasp how much God loves us, but I can’t. I can’t understand how God could love me, someone who is so broken and so prone to sinning, so much that he would die for me – actually die for me. I try to fathom how the moment I acknowledged my sin, asked for forgiveness, and dedicated my life to following Christ, was the moment I was saved from hell. I try to fathom why God would do this, and the only answer I have is one word: love.

Oh how part of me wishes there was a longer answer, some sort of justification that could match my finite mind. But how glorious of a reality! Love, perfect love, that’s what caused God to so beautifully and powerfully save those who place their faith in him. And the reality of this is so wonderful friends. In this faith we know that when we die and leave this temporary home, we get to spend eternity with Jesus. We get to be surrounded by his glory for an endless amount of time; with beauty we can’t comprehend and joy we don’t yet understand.

Today changed everything because I could feel the Holy Spirit working within me. I could feel that for the first real time, Jesus’ death and resurrection resonated with me on a level that it never had before. Today changed everything because Christ changes everything.

His love, his hope, and his grace completely transforms our perspective. No longer do I live worried about my life, what’s happening in it or what isn’t happening in it, no longer do I feel the need to concern myself with other people’s opinions or approval. I live for the highest name now, and I live longing for the day when Jesus takes me home or he returns; and I will be made complete in the presence of my Saviour.

Today changed everything because on it, we were set free. No longer slaves to sin and fear, but by faith, able to live freely in Christ. Today changed everything for all of us, and this is good, good news.

“You have made us new, now life begins with you”

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