about this blog

I’ve felt compelled to share my story through writing for seven years.

This conviction and desire has not come without its challenges. I’ve struggled with finding my voice; finding authenticity either way too hard to accomplish or way too much to put out there for people to see. Perhaps the biggest obstacle has been believing that my story, as simple and ordinary as I see it, can be used in ways far beyond my wildest imagination.

Truth is, I love this life and I love the crazy, unpredictable, beautiful, messed-up paths we all end up going down. I say “hot mess” way too much every day, but I think it’s an accurate way to describe my approach to life. I do not have it all together, I make mistakes, and I rely on coffee way too much.

It’s because of my own inevitable flaws that I find realness one of the most attractive characteristics in other people. I admire and look up to individuals who create communities of vulnerability and true authenticity.

It is my prayer and my hope that this site becomes a place of realness for you. Where you can find that someone else struggles with keeping it real on social media, remaining patient in seasons of waiting, driving with broken A/C, and deciding which Starbucks drink to order.

So, let’s get our comfy pants on, order a pizza, get a green tea frappuccino (no whipped cream), put on some throwbacks from the 90’s, and tackle life together – one real sentence at a time.