About Me

Hey there. My name is Oliveah and I’m a 22 year-old PR girl living and working in Toronto. I’m a fan of coffee shops, espresso, the smell of bonfires, warm breezes, city lights at night, starry skies in the country, and any other memorable, out-of-this-world-type experiences.

I go back to grade eleven Media Studies class. It was in that classroom that I not only started my first blog, but that I began to seriously consider how the writing skills I learned in English class could be combined with more than my opinion of Shakespeare, but also with my convictions and heart towards life.

Since then, I’ve been on a long but really fun process of finding my voice, learning so much, and letting people in to follow along with the journey. My life story, while still being written, tells of Jesus’ relentlessly pursuit of my heart and how His love continues to captivate me time and time again. My mission is to be a faithful narrator of the story God wants to write through my life.

Regardless of why or how you got here – thank you. The journey is imperfect, but one of my favourite authors, Lara Casey, once said that just because we make a mess doesn’t mean we are one. I love that.

Talk soon, friend.

– Liv.