I go back to grade eleven Media Studies class. It was in that classroom that I not only started my first blog, but that I began to seriously consider how the writing skills I learned in English class could be combined with more than my opinion of Shakespeare, but also with my convictions and heart towards life.

My love and passion for writing (and for people) got real when I decided to make a career out of it. Feeling called to hone in on these loves of mine, I chose to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. Six months after graduation I started working in Toronto and in another six months, I moved to the big city.

Now we’re here.

About ME

Friend, can I just start by saying how insanely thankful I am that you’re here? Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been here before, words fail to explain how lovely it is to have you.

My name is Oliveah and as previously mentioned, I’m a 22 year-old PR girl living and working in Toronto. I’m a fan of coffee shops, london fog lattes, the smell of bonfires, warm breezes, city lights at night, starry skies in the country, and a whole lot of other memorable, out-of-this-world-type experiences.

How I’d summarize it? I’m a dreamer. I like to make blissful moments happen, and I usually have a Spotify playlist created to go along with them.

But most importantly, I am a Christ-Follower and my identify is first and foremost wrapped up in Him. My life story, while still being written, tells of Jesus’ relentlessly pursuit of my heart and how His love continues to captivate me time and time again. My mission is to be a faithful narrator of the story God wants to write through my life. My words are truly His, I am merely a vessel.

With love and excitement for the journey ahead,