Social Media Motto: Filter-Free

In March of 2018, I made it official. I was no longer going to use filters on any of my photos or stories on Instagram. This quickly became one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Before I get started, I want to clarify that I am not against filters. I think that they are valuable for brand strategy, artistic expression, and for making a picture even more breathtaking than it may already be. People should use them how they want to, and for me, that means not using them at all.

Why did I make this decision?

Part of me began to crave something real on social media. I missed seeing skin that wasn’t perfectly glowing from the face filters Instagram offers. I missed seeing people just the way they are, not photoshopped to hide their insecurities or  ‘imperfections’. The false sense of realities that I was inhaling on social made my daily life feel less-than, dull, and unworthy of being shared.

Going filter-free was like finding freedom in the most amazing way.

Not only was this decision intended to set an example of fearless authenticity to those who follow along with me, but it was also largely for my own mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

What does going filter-free mean?

Eliminating filters means that I don’t spend time flipping through the options trying to decide which one to use.
It means that how I look in my Instagram pictures is going to match how I look in real-life, up-close and personal.
It means that people get to see a life being lived that doesn’t have a layer applied to it.
It means that I am growing more and more profoundly content with who I am and what my mission is, every single day.

Does this mean I don’t edit my pictures at all?

No, it doesn’t. I will still edit the brightness, contrast, warmth, and sometimes structure of my pictures. As much as I love the idea of not doing anything to my posts, I do believe that branding and content curation require strategy. While my feed doesn’t have to be perfect, I do like the pictures to look nice together.

I wrote a blog post that dissects more of my thoughts and motives behind this decision. To read it, click here.